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Letter written to Isaac Haines from Reuben Woolman, October 9, 1826

On outside of folded letter addressed : to Isac hanes, Near wilmington County State of Ohio near Wilmington
Paid 25

Sharptown 9th of 10th 1826

Esteemed Brother and Sister. I take this oppertunity to wright you to inform you that we are all well at
present.  Hoping you are all enjoying the Same blesing.  I have enjoyed better helth sence I was to See you last
faul than I had for severl years.  Our dear mother is no more.  She departed this life last of June. I was not up
they did not send me Word nor did I hear of it for about two months after.  I
Saw Levi Borton last week in Philadelphia and he informed me that  mother was Sick a bout a week when She
left this wourld of trouble and Entered into the joys of a blesed Redeamer were strife and troubles never
Comes.  He informed me that our relation was all well except Mary Engle that She was in apoor State of
Helth.  Susanna Burdon is going to live the the house were Mother did till Spring.  Brother David takes a "little
of the over joyful" yet but is in good helth. He don't talk of moving to the State of Ohio. Receved Cozen
Susanna's letter in about two weeks After She sent it and was very glad to hear from you all.  You all feal very
near to me since I was to See you more So than you Ever had before.  I was very glad to hear that the Hanoys
feaver had aborted for I thought that you  nead not want to find a better Country than were you live.  
therefore I hope that you all will Stay in the neaberhood and be Company and Cumfort for one another  I don't
expect ever to move to the State of Ohio tho I was very antious to due so when I got home but my famley
was not willing to come with me therefore I must be content to Stay in Jersey And maby it is for the best.  
Wrote to brother Eber last Winter.   I have not yet recd no answer.  I should be very Gald if he would wright
to me as Soo as Convenient and Inform Wether he has recevded my letter or not and if he had recevd My
letter to inform wether the bisness was don Reight or not And wther he had read the Contents of it or not

Second page-

Our crops last season was very leight on the acount of the drout so that Corn Sold last Spring for 80 cents
oats 80 cents Rye 80 cents and wheet 80 cents all at Same time but Corn and oats is down to 50 cents Now  
Crops of Corn is better this season but oats was very leight on the a count of the four part of Season being
very drye and our Crops of gras was lightter than they had been for many years.------  I arived home last fall
in 16 days met with no axident On the Road had good luck with my horses  I sold the brown hors Soon after
I got home for 85 dollors  I keep the mair yet  She had a find Colt last Spring-------Pleas to  Remember me to
brother John and inform him that I should be very glad to receve a letter from him-------I should be very glad
to receve a letter from Some of you  Altho we are far Distiant a part yet ties kindred makes you feel near to
me therefore I remain-------

Your Brother and Well wisher-Reuben Woolman.
(Original letter in possession of Peggy Dick, Decatur, Ind.)
Will of Amanda M. [Parent] Woolman

In the name of God, Amen.  I Amanda M. Woolman, of the City of Burlington and the State of New Jersey,
widow of Thomas D. Woolman, des. & being of sound mind, memory, and understanding, do make and publish
this my last will and testament, in the manner following.

First- I do order and direct that my just debts and funeral expenses be duly paid and satisfied and also that
James W. Slack and Son, undertakers, be paid their just claim for the burial expenses of my husband and child,
all as soon as conveniently can be after my decease.

Second- I give and bequeath to my daughter Amanda S. Holroyd, the following things, all of the wool stripe
carpet, the large feather bed, large table cloth and napkins, one half dozen silver plated forks, two confortables,
one large mirror, sewing machine, and the old fashioned clock.

Third- I give and bequeath to my daughter Anna May Woolman, one small rocking chair, one feather bed, my
best white counterpane, one half dozen silver teaspoons (marked S. S.) my wedding ring, muff, two
confortables, one gilt frame mirror.

Fourth- I give and bequeath to my daughter amanda S. Holroyd, and Anna May Woolman, all of my bed linen to
be equally divided between them.

Fifth- I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Woolman one silver watch, one desk, one cane, three razors, one
pistol, one small gun, and one trunk.

Sixth- I give and bequeath to my daughter, Florence Estella Woolman, nine silver plated teaspoons and one bed
spread of (Odd Fellows design)

Seventh- I do order and direct that as soon as practicable after my decease, that all my real estate and personal
property which I may be possessed of at my decease (except the articles above described bequeathed to my
children) shall be sold at the best advantage possible by my executor.

Eighth- I do give and bequeath to my children, Amanda S. Holroyd, Anna may Woolman, Thomas Woolman,
and Florence Estella Woolman, all of the money that may remain from the proceeds of the sale of my property
(both real and personal) after the payments above described have been fully paid and satisfied; to be equally
divided between them, excepting that Anna May Woolman is to receive the sum of thirty five dollars more than
each of the other three children, and to be paid to them or their heirs, by my executor as follows, the share of
Amanda S. Holroyd to paid to her as soo as can be after the settlement of the estate and the amount of her share
ascertained, and the principal sum of the remaining three shares to be placed at interest on some good and safe
security, and the income thereof paid to them annually, upon their respective share, and the principal sum of
each share to be paid to them upon their attaining their eighteenth year,a nd should either of them die before
arriving at the above age and receiving their share, then his or her share as the case may be, shall be equally
divided between those surviving, after his or her ( as the case may be) just debts and funeral expenses are paid
and satisfied, such sums as may be, shall be payable at such time and manner as above set forth.

Lastly- I do hereby constitute and appoint Aaron R. Kimble, of the said City of Burlington, the executor of this
my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal, this twenty first day of January, A.D. one thousand
eight hundred and eighty five.

Amanda M. Woolman

Witnessed by Joseph P. Severns and George A. Allinson.
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