John Woolman Memorial Association
99 Branch Street
Mount Holly, New Jersey  08060
The John Woolman Memorial
Founded by Amelia Mott Gummere in 1915, the John Woolman
Memorial Association operates a historic house in Mount Holly,
New Jersey located where John Woolman’s apple orchard once
stood.  At the time, historic houses were proliferating in honor of
military heroes, and Amelia felt the need for a memorial to a
man of peace.

From 1916 to 1939, the house operated as a tea house and bed &
breakfast that offered simple country living.  The garden and
orchards provided fresh fruits and vegetables in season.  
Visitors often canoed on the Rancocas, and enjoyed quilting or
apple butter parties.  In 1939, the effects of the Depression were
felt, and not enough contributions were raised to keep the
teahouse open.  A family of German refugees was given shelter
there, and then a Chinese family.  The Memorial was not open
again to the public until 1942.

When it re-opened, the new vision for the house was as the hub
of a Quaker center, along the lines of the Pendle Hill Quaker
Study Center in Wallingford, Pennsylvania.  Today, the John
Woolman Memorial Association sponsers the Annual Lecture.  
The house offers an opportunity for visitors to walk in John
Woolman’s footsteps, and serves as a backdrop for workshops
and tours.  It provides a place of refreshment and
encouragement to follow one’s conscience and to act for a just
and righteous society.
Carol Walz, copyrighted 2005
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